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Seaborne 20mm Blue Orange Stripe Nylon Pass-Through Strap

Seaborne 20mm Blue-Orange Nylon Pass-Through Strap

Our cool blue-orange striped  20mm nylon pass-through strap is a fashionable and versatile alternative to leather, silicone  and rubber straps or steel bracelets.  They are amazingly comfortable super durable, can be worn in any weather or environment and easy to clean and maintain.  These straps are an excellent choice for the seafaring and outdoor lifestyle.  

The nylon is one-size-fits-all and can accommodate a wrist size from 6-9 inches.  . 

The nylon strap is a great choice to pair with our Sea Venture Vintage Inspired watch or any watch with a 20mm lug size. 

Nylon colors can be swapped out easily, and add to the depth of your wardrobe by choosing multiple colors to easily swap out.  Mix and match with a set of our quick release spring bars (available separately).

Please verify the strap size of your watch prior to ordering. 

  • Color: Blue-Orange Striped 
  • Length: ~285mm (10.5 inches) excluding buckle
  • Material: Nylon (~1 mm thick)
  • Adjustable for wrist sizes between 150 - 250mm (approximately 6 - 9inch)
  • High quality signed brushed stainless hardware and keepers