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Welcome to the Seaborne Windward.  The name itself invokes a carefree feeling of the sea, surf, and adventure.  We created the Windward to take you away from the everyday doldrums and sail you away to whatever paradise you dream about.   But don’t let the colorful good looks of the Windward fool you – this is a rugged “go anywhere do anything” dressy field watch that is at home in the office, the dinner party or in the elements. 

 Colorful, cool, capable.   We designed the Windward with a nod to vintage style, while updating it to stand the test of today’s watch wearer.  The 37mm case diameter with a sleek 11mm thickness makes for a unisex watch that hits the right vibe and style.  You'll fall in love with the slightly domed sapphire crystal, the unique two-tiered sandwich dial and exceptional lume all wrapped in a marine-grade 316L stainless steel custom built and designed case.   


The Seaborne Windward is a watch that you’ll love to wear but it’s also much more than its great looks! 

Seaborne continues our pledge to give 5% of profits to US-based coastal community organizations.   With your support, we’ll continued to give assistance to small boat, locally owned sustainable fisheries throughout the USA. 

Seaborne is proud to announce that we’ll build the Windward in the USA using domestic and international parts – helping to grow the US watch making business one watch at a time.   In addition, the US-Built Windward is powered by the US-Built FTS AC70 high-beat automatic movement.  Manufactured to extremely high standards, it’s one of the only automatic movements built in the US and carries a full FIVE-YEAR warranty


Please note that final pieces are subject to change.


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