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Crafted & Designed

Craft Matters to Us

At Aoede Watch Co. we believe that people seek out great craftsmanship and quality in their products - regardless of price point.  In watches, high-end luxury pieces should have extremely high quality inherent in them, but what about those of us that aren't buying a watch that is more than a mortgage or rent payment?  

Our commitment to creating something you won't see anywhere else -- and our desire to craft and create high quality pieces at affordable prices is important to us.  Unlike the big impersonal watch companies, our craft and design is everything to us - we can't hide behind some conglomerate.  

High Quality - Reasonable Prices

Once we've created a unique design, we work with our partners to ensure a much higher quality watch than you'd imagine at our price point.  

We use only high-quality, marine grade, 316L stainless steel cases and backs for our watches.   Our crystals are never plastic or cheaply made - sapphire and hardened mineral crystals are standard on all of our watches.  

As for the movements in our watches, we source only the best quality and most reliable Japanese and Swiss movements -- ensuring that you will be able to have them services for decades to come.

We know you have a lot of choices when buying a watch -- we hope you enjoy our designs and give us a chance to show you our quality.