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Custom Collaborations

It's a Passion

You might have noticed we have a passion for interesting, conversation starting watches.  One of the goals of Aoede Watch Co. is to work with passionate people that are not watch designers.  There are already plenty of cool "traditional" watches out there.  We create unique designs that are set apart from the "every day."  

A Different Point of View

So, perhaps your a musician, or an artist.  Maybe you design cool products.  Maybe you're a brand we love and want to work with.  Whatever the case, send us a note and let's work together.  We'd love to chat about your different point of view.

Brands + Aoede

Sometimes we work directly with brands and properties that share our unique point of view.  If you are looking for a cool licensed watch that will delight your fans, then give us a shout.  We've got experience working with brands and love when we align our goals.  

Give Us a Shout

There's a good chance we'll be wandering the beach, surfing, or taking a drive in the country, but send us a note anyway.  It's the digital age, and we're always listening!