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Inspired Designs

Inspiration by the Sea

All of our designs are inspired by the sea.  Having spent most of my life on, in, under and near the ocean I am continually inspired by the ever-changing seascape that is my home.  

So that's what you'll see with our designs -- an ocean-based theme.  Sometimes subtle, other times right in your face -- just like the ocean.  I love working with color -- you'll see that in many of the designs. 

Hopefully, you'll also see a bit of a whimsical nature and a nod to the unconventional.  We don't play by the rules here at Aoede -- and we like people that break the mold, think different and build their own dreams and realities.

A Journey Together

Let's start a journey to somewhere new and different.  Break the mold a bit, don't be ordinary, maybe celebrate your individuality and freedom.  Whether your a beach bum, a sailor, a diver or work in that office downtown or in the suburbs let's get to know each other and learn to relax and savor life.  Whether you live by the ocean, or yearn for it, I think we can have a good time,

Designed Near the Beach

Our design studio tends to be pretty much where we are at the moment.  At this moment in time, we are loving the sandy, laid back beach lifestyle, so you'll find us here and enjoying getting you cool designs that are a great quality and won't break the bank.  That's our promise to you.

Best to all,

Brian C