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Limited Editions

Let's Make it Special

Every year, the Aoede Watch team decides on a series of watches we’ll produce.  This is a long process full of fun debate, chatting with our customers, suppliers, and people we trust have some good sense about them.

The Limited Edition Model

Based on those conversations we decide on a series, and have a limited number produced for you, our loving customers and fans.

Being fans of old books and special editions of books, we have taken that model for our cool and interesting watches.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Lettered Edition.  We produce 26 (sometimes 52) watches that are Lettered Edition.  A to Z or A to ZZ.  These are the most special editions and will come engraved with “Lettered Edition” on the case back and the letter of your watch.  These watches can also be engraved with your name or initials (or any message) as long as it’ll fit onto the case back.  In addition, some of these will have special features such as Lettered Edition handmade straps, a different crystal or something that sets it apart and makes it super special.
  2. Limited Edition.  We’ll produce a certain number of each design as a Limited Edition.  These will be mostly similar to the Lettered Edition but not have that little extra something we added (the strap, engraving your name, etc.).  Each watch will be numbered and engraved with Limited Edition #.  
  3. Permanent Collection.  If a watch design has garnered great interest, we’ll release the design into the wild as part of our permanent collection (though, really, nothing is truly permanent, so we reserve the right to take them off the market from time to time!).  Those watches in the Permanent Collection usually will be manufactured to meet a price that most people can afford for a quality watch, so they will usually not have all of the features of the Lettered & Limited Editions.

Really Super Special

  1. Limited Edition CollaborationsWe love to collaborate with brands, artists, culturally cool and significant movies and others that we just love.  Our Limited Edition Collaborations are truly special because they've been designed in cooperation with the coolest people we meet.  All watches are numbered, interesting and honestly, just super cool.  They don't last long (and some are so exclusive that they are made for just one small group), so get them while they last.

One More Thing

On an additional note, Lettered and Limited Editions will, at times, offer watch movements that are different than in the Permanent Collection.  For instance, a Lettered Edition may have a Swiss or Japanese Automatic movement while the Permanent Edition may have a Swiss or Japanese Quartz movement.  Not to worry, we’ll always let you know one way or the other.