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Our Story

Weird name.  Cool watch. 

Yes, that's the very first thing someone said when they saw our first design.  But it fits us a bit, and we decided to go with it.  
Before we begin, we know that you are just dying to ask: "How do you pronounce Aoede?" We say "80" (eighty) -- it's the easy way to say it and we're from New England so we can blame it on the accent.  
Our inspiration is the water, beach, surf, sail, and diving lifestyle.  Easy going, ever-changing and a way of life.  Join us!


A Life by the Water

Our inspiration for everything comes from the water -  and all our designs will have that theme -- divers, yacht timers, surfers, and some fun stuff -- we focus here because it's what we love and what we know.  

Not Your Average Looking Watch

Look, we know there are a lot of great watches out there – and if you want a watch that really looks like a traditional watch, buy one of them, we don’t mind! We even own a lot of traditional styles. But when you want something that comes from passion, is made with care, and isn’t some big corporate entity churning out “me too” styles, then look our way, we’ll take care of you and treat you well!

We know that you challenge yourself every day – to be creative, get the job done, finish the marathon, sit on the beach (but with passion!!). So we decided to do the same thing with our design process. We’ve challenged traditional watch creation – we design watches about experiences that create great stories.

High-Quality Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Our result is the creation of high-quality watches without the high price. What makes Aoede different isn’t just the cool designs (though, we are proud of them). It’s how we approach the market – we push aside the extraordinarily high mark-ups of the traditional watch companies so that we can bring our designs directly to people who love them.