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Sea Venture Instructions

Your Seaborne Sea Venture is powered by the Seiko NH35, an incredibly reliable automatic movement.  If you’re new to the automatic movement, they are usually referred to as “self-winding.”  There is no battery in this watch – the movement uses your motion as you wear it to keep the watch wound and working.  If the watch is worn everyday it’ll never need winding.  If you put it down for a few days, you will need to wind it to get the initial power again (explained below).  

The crown functions in three positions:

  1. Unscrewed (wind the movement)

To wind, rotate the crown clockwise. (If the watch has stopped because the automatic movement has run out of power, wind about 50 rotations when you receive the watch and if you have not used the unit for a while).  

  1. Partially pulled out (change the date)

To advance the date, turn the crown counter-clockwise. IMPORTANT: Do not adjust the date between 9pm–3am, while the date gears are in motion to change the date

  1. Fully pulled out (adjust the time)

The seconds will stop. Rotate the hands to set the time. (We recommend you only turn the hands clockwise for the long-term health of the movement).

Screw-down crown

  • The lower crown sets the time and date. This crown screws down to improve water resistance and protect the movement.
  • To open the crown, turn it counterclockwise until it is no longer threaded.
  • To secure the crown after adjusting the time or date, gently push in the crown to align the screw threads; then turn clockwise.