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Warranty & Repair



Overview:  Any "factory defects" that are discovered after the watch has been shipped, we will replace, repair, or refund you for that watch or product. We will also warranty the operation of the movement for one year. After the one year warranty, we are able to repair most issues at a cost that includes parts, labor, and shipping.

What are factory defects? Any issues with the case, dial, and movement, that were not caught during QC and we shipped to a customer. 

What is not covered? Damage to the watch components or movement caused by the customer from wear and tear, water damage, banging around, dropping, magnetic exposure, leaving the crown open, opening your case back, wear and tear on the bezel (such as scratching from use, chipped bezels and/or bezels that get knocked off), modifying parts, etc.

Water damage.  All of our watches have a water resistance rating.  Watches are tested to withstand the water rating at the factory by a third-party verification company.  Once you wear the watch, you assume all risk associated with damaging the watch due to water seepage into the case.  Usually water damage is caused by a crown that hasn't been screwed down sufficiently or with too much torque or the opening of the caseback.  While we can repair a watch with water damage we cannot replace or refund a water-damaged unit.  All water damaged watches are deemed not to be factory defects due to previous testing.  

Please Note: An automatic movement that is running very fast is usually a sign that it has been magnetized somehow during ownership. An automatic movement that is running very slow can be a sign the watch has been banged around, dropped, or had a significant impact. With warranty related issues, we have to take in the information from the customer and the information from our service professionals and try to decide if it is a covered warranty issue or user abuse during the one year period. We reserve the sole right to determine the cause of issue and the remedy.  


We use a local watch professional that has the facility and resources to make the necessary repairs or restoration to most of the situations and problems that we are presented with.

How it works: Contact us, mail in your watch, we then take the watch to our watch repair professional.  After we get the watch back we contact you and invoice you.  Once your invoice is paid by you, we ship your watch back.

Please use these steps regarding repair issues:

1. Contact us: Send us an email at --  please do not contact us with repair issues through Facebook messenger, Instagram, YouTube, or texting, we need to be able to refer back to your email, and we need to have the repair communication in one place.

2. Mail in your watch: After you contact us you will be instructed to mail in your watch, ship only the watch and not the original box or any other accessories. Wrap the watch in bubble wrap or protection and try to use use a cardboard box. Do not send your watch in a bubble mailer or envelope. Please include a note inside the box with your name, email, return address, and a description of the issues or problems. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the watch. 

Use the address below to send in your watch:

Seaborne Trading Company
571 Boston Turnpike STE 3
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
United States

3. We take your watch the repair facility:  We usually drop repairs off to the watch professional on Fridays.  Expect a one-week delay from the time we rceive the watch until the time it gets to the facility.  

4. We pick up the watch and pay for repairs: Once the watch is ready, we pay for the service and discuss the issues related to the watch.   

5. We contact you: After we have your watch back our office, we will send you an email with the repair details and the invoice price. We can typically ship the same day that the invoice is paid. 

6. We invoice you: After we contact you to let you know the watch is finished, we can send a PayPal invoice for the repair plus shipping. Typical repair costs can average between $100-$200 and typical shipping with USPS Priority is $12 - $20 depending ion location.  International shipping is always a lot more -- $30-60 depending on location. A PayPal invoice can be paid with any credit card and does not require you to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice. The invoice will show up in the email account that you originally contacted us with, unless you notify us to use a different email address.

7. We ship your watch back: After the invoice is paid, we can return the watch typically on the same day. We pack your watch well and use new shipping materials if needed. We ship with USPS Priority with a signature confirmation. 

Please note:  

We use readily available, non-modified Japanese, Swiss and American made movements in all of our watches.  If you do not want to send your watch for repair for a movement related issue that is out of warranty,  a local jeweler certified in watch repair can usually fix simple issues.  This would be at your own cost, but often less expensive than you shipping it to us and having it serviced.